Nick + Jenna

My big sister got married! Woohoo! It’s funny… Everyone says me and my sister look alike, talk alike, act alike, but when it comes to interests we couldn’t be more opposite.


A Bridal Shower in A Barn

5 out of 5

Can you imaging having a bridal shower in a barn? Well in Maria Stein, OH that’s a legit venue option! Don’t worry… No cows were presence in the making of this bridal shower.


Darrin + Kourtney

It was my great honor to not only be a part of this wedding as a bridesmaid, but to also be the “chosen one” to design all collateral. Kourtney (aka Mrs.


Eikenberry Retirement Planning

Eikenberry Retirement Planning is in the business of advising clients and working with them to ensure financial peace of mind and security throughout their retirement years.


Alphaport Brochure

Alphaport is an expanding knowledge management and engineering service company based in Cleveland, Ohio.