Jaclyn + A.J.

Funny enough, Jackie (aka Jaclyn) and I used to hate each other. Growing up in neighboring small towns where sports were life, we had a healthy distaste for one another from our interactions on the basketball and volleyball court. Up until college, all I knew about Jackie was that she was a PIA left-handed middle and had sharp elbows that tended to find their way into my side quite a bit.

But when my high school rival decided to sign to the same college volleyball team as me, our difference were quickly put aside and a true friendship developed.


Jackie and A.J.’s wedding day was truly magical. It was so neat to see it all come together. I couldn’t help myself but put the invitations next to a picture from their wedding day. Everything went perfectly together… and I know Jackie wouldn’t have it any other way 😉

The Invitation

There were many unique things about Jackie and A.J.’s wedding invitations:


The font. It was unusual for me to design an invitation without a scrip font, but I’m so pleased that Jackie went in a different direction. The serif font turned out great and totally supported her classic theme!

The paper. Her choice to go with a metallic, silver-colored paper and envelopes instead of the standard white was a great one!


Using the same elements from the invitations, we designed the RSVPs. My favorite part was the metallic purple envelope that matched the purple color in the invitations and gave the whole package the perfect pop of color.


I was so honored when Jackie decided to work with me for her wedding designs. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the wedding as well. It was a true #MastBlast!

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