Eikenberry Retirement Planning

Eikenberry Retirement Planning is in the business of advising clients and working with them to ensure financial peace of mind and security throughout their retirement years. The firm’s professional perspective is to work hard to cultivate and preserve the trust and confidence of their clients, and I was privileged to work with their team to revamp some of the marketing material for their business.


They started off the new year right with some great new folders to present to their customers. These 9 x 12 presentation folders with business card holders on each pocket are a great keepsake for clients!

Also included in their new package was a business card redesign (pictured above) and a 8.5 by 5.5 referral card (pictured below). They referral card promotes their unique program where any client that refers a new customers gets a $50 gift card for themselves and also a $50 gift card for their friend. It’s a great program and now they have a great way to promote it!

Last but not least, a little revamp to their appointment cards. We don’t want clients forgetting when their appointment is now do we?

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  1. I would love to know what company these customized 2-pocket, 2-business card holder presentation folders were ordered from. I have been looking everywhere for them!

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