Darrin + Kourtney

It was my great honor to not only be a part of this wedding as a bridesmaid, but to also be the “chosen one” to design all collateral. Kourtney (aka Mrs. Wilson) was the exact opposite of a “Bridezilla”. The words, “You’re creative. Just do whatever you want” followed by “Oh my god! I love them,” made this design project very fun!


We started with the Save the Dates. Using her awesome engagement pictures, I designed a 4×6 postcard. Because Kourtney just couldn’t pick one design, we put her two favorites designs on the front and back.


I wanted to use this as a the picture for the Save the Dates, but the groom didn’t comply 😉


Next we started with the wedding invites. These were simple, using only black ink, but the kraft paper and white ink overlay added a ton of character. The white ink and barren trees tied in wonderfully to the wedding’s winter wonderland theme. The kraft paper envelopes were a great touch, too.


Included with the invites were the RVPS’s. These were 3.5×5 inches and used the same black ink on kraft paper with white ink. We used white envelopes for these.


In addition to the design for the pre-wedding, I also designed the programs for the wedding ceremony. In the epitome of her non-bridezilla ways, Kourtney was informed 30 minutes before the wedding that the programs were no where to be find. While the normal bride would have freaked out, Kourtney looked at me with horror and said, “Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” What?!?! She was worried that I was going to be upset because I spent the time designing them!


Even though no one but a handful of people saw these, they still turned out great!


Lastly, was the post wedding design of the thank you cards. We designed these to save some money by skipping the envelopes and just doing postcards. Using the great photography from the wedding and the same fonts as the invites, I designed a 6×4 postcard that can easily be sent to all the 150+ guests.


Both designing for this wedding and attending this wedding were an absolute blast. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, for letting me be a part of your special day!

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