Baby It’s Cold Outside!

How does it get any better than designing with baby penguins?!?!! Just when I thought weddings were the most fun to design for, my sister goes and gets pregnant (I guess I spoke to soon in my post about her wedding 😉 ).

When we decided the shower would be in the midst of a lovely Ohio winter, we chose “Baby It’s Cold Outside” for the theme, which naturally included baby penguins. My sister and her husband are not finding out the gender of the baby, so we chose red and turquoise to support a gender neutral color scheme.


[5×7] Invites

Up first – The invites! I jazzed up a basic 5×7 invite with some fun fonts and the start of many baby penguins to come.


What better way to make the back as cute as the front than with another baby penguin!


Vote for Boy or Girl!


Since we don’t know the gender, I thought it would be a fun opportunity to have guests sign in and then “cast a vote” for whether they thought she would have a boy or a girl. We created an entry table where people would sign their names, circle boy or girl, and then place a Hershey’s kiss into the appropriate vase. I have strong inkling it’s going to be a boy, but the majority vote was for a girl. We’ll see who’s right soon enough!


Design aside, I also brought the theme into other places throughout the shower. I bought matching plates and napkins and also found some rubber-duck-like penguins to disperse throughout the shower. The penguins are feeling at home amongst the ice and water bottles and having a little too much fun in the lemonade – They can’t even stand up straight!


Paper Chain


It’s not often in your adulthood that it’s acceptable to make a paper chain, so I took full advantage of this opportunity.


Ready to Pop! Bag of Popcorn


The final touch for the shower was a little party favor for the guests to take as they left. I filled bags with a variety of popcorn and designed tags that read, “Ready to Pop”.

I had so much fun throwing this baby shower for my sister. I can’t wait to meet my soon-to-be niece or nephew. I’ll be petitioning for baby penguins at his or her first birthday party. Until next time peeps! Ta! Ta!


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